Central Asia Business Journal

Types of Papers

CABJ welcomes empirical research and conceptual review papers, case studies, and book reviews. We also invite students’ papers. All submissions must be in English. The journal is open to all methodologies, but it especially welcomes papers that are analytically strong and that relate to the real world. Manuscripts must be original in style and content (not under review, accepted, and/or published elsewhere). We also invite students’ papers. The maximum length of submitted manuscripts is 10,000 words (including references, tables, figures, and appendices).

CABJ also welcomes contributions to the other three sections of the journal:

Perspectives. This features nontechnical surveys of issues in Central Asian business that would interest scholars and policymakers. An example is a survey of theoretical and empirical papers about customs unions. A typical length is 4,000 to 6,000 words. Please propose your topic to the managing editor before beginning work.

Book reviews. Reviews should summarize and evaluate books about Central Asian business or about business issues that interest the region. Most reviews will concern recent books, but the journal may also publish a retrospective essay about well-known titles in a given field. A typical length for a review is 1,500 to 2,500 words. Please write the managing editor about the book that you propose to review.

Symposium. This consists of several commentaries on a recent issue of interest—for example, the August 2015 float of the tenge. A typical commentary may run from 1,500 to 2,500 words. Usually, the journal commissions commentaries, but you may propose a symposium to the managing editor.

Basic Requirements for Submissions 

We expect quality articles, which may be submitted by anyone.  We do not consider more than two submissions at a time from one author, and we do not consider submissions that have been published elsewhere. Neither do we consider submissions that are already under consideration by other publications. Before submitting your manuscript to CABJ, please ensure you have read our aims and objectives. Only manuscripts of sufficient quality that meet the CABJ aims and scope will be reviewed.

Research misconduct.  The journal rejects plagiarized submissions. “Plagiarism” means that the submission has copied word-for-word a sentence or more of text without quotation marks; or has made trivial changes in the wording of longer passages copied from elsewhere without attribution.  In general, the author should attribute fully material drawn from elsewhere, with a citation in the main text and a reference in the references section.

In addition to plagiarism, “research misconduct” may include falsification of data and refusal to justify statistical estimates, as well as other violations of ethics.  Empirical researchers should provide access for readers to their databases or, if the data are widely available, tell readers where they can find them.  The journal will investigate any allegation of research misconduct concerning one of its published articles.

Conflicts of interest.  In submitting an article, the author should identify any potential conflict of interest, such as an article that favorably treats a funder of the research.  The author should also list, in her submission package, the amount and source of a fund that financed the research.

Complaints and appeals.  These will be assigned to an appropriate member of the editorial board. CABJ authors will have an opportunity to respond to complaints about their research.

Post-publication discussions and corrections.  In their journal articles, authors must provide a permanent email address at which readers can reach them.  The journal corrects issues and re-posts the issues to the journal’s Web page. The revised issue notifies readers about the corrections.

Manuscript Submission

Authors are requested to submit two separate files, i.e., one anonymous manuscript file and one title page. Both files should be submitted in the form of an MS Word file. Since the journal follows the blind peer review process, authors are requested not to include their names anywhere in the manuscript file. The separate title page should include the title of the paper, name(s) of authors, their affiliations, and each corresponding author’s phone and e-mail address. Authors must cite the relevant literature both in the text and references using APA style according to the 7th edition of the APA manual. Please e-mail submissions to the Managing Editor, Dr. Monowar Mahmood, at monowar@kimep.kz