Central Asia Business Journal

Issue 22(1)


Corporate Digital Responsibility: New Horizon and Benefits for Businesses 1

Published 03.09.2023
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The paper attempts to define the concept of Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) and different benefits of CDR for businesses. At the same time, the issue of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is also discussed as they are connected with each other and both are beneficial to the society in general. The topic of CDR is promising and it provides different benefits for the society as well as for businesses. Digitization concerns the virtual world today. it is important to merge sustainability with the virtual world, bringing these two concepts together is crucial. This merging is called Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR). The importance of digitalization is discussed as well as benefits of digitalization are presented. An obvious benefit of digitization of CSR is the scaling back on the use of paper. Cloud storage eliminates paper waste and makes it easier to access all documents from anywhere. Digitalization reduces the emissions produced for every ton of paper. Paper does not only create energy waste; it also creates water waste. The paper production endangers natural habitats: over thirty million acres of woods are being destroyed yearly. Therefore, a digital platform or an application can significantly lower the organization’s environmental impact.

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